Other complaints

DNS.be has no authority whatsoever to obtain information about complaints relating to the provision of ICT services (hosting, Internet access, development of websites, etc.), nor about the billing of these services, problems about spam, phishing, hacking, illegal trading practices and fraud, or attempts to defraud using websites.
Reference should be made here to a recent initiative by the government in which the Federal Computer Crime Unit (FCCU) of the Federal Judicial Police and the Federal Government Department for the Economy, SMEs, Retailers and Energy have combined their powers and resources. The result of this cooperation is the Belgian Government Reporting Centre for misuse of the Internet, better known as eCops. You can use this online reporting point to notify the authorities of offences (www.ecops.be).
Within the FCCU of the Federal Police a research unit has been created, called "Internet Fraud", which will take care of the many complaints about minor cases of fraud that had to be dismissed so far